About Us

ULTOREX strives to provide an innovative trading experience and prompt service with intuitive operation from beginners to professionals with the industry's highest level of security.
ULTOREX was founded by knowledgeable and experienced specialists who have been active at the forefront of various industries including world-class engineers, blockchain engineers, and financial institutions who have experience in operating crypto asset exchanges. We have an experienced security team with a zero-crypto asset hacking record to ensure the security of your valuable assets.
ULTOREX provides a fairer, more accessible, efficient, and transparent platform enabled through crypto assets. We aim to build an innovative and easy-to-use high-performance platform that is the best exchange with high reliability, convenience and liquidity, and provide innovative services that satisfy our customers.
ULTOREX provides 24/7 multilingual support, always listening to users and working to create a fair, transparent and efficient trading environment. ULTOREX aims to be a highly transparent organization based on customer feedback. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us through our official support.
With the industry's highest level of security system, we provide a trading environment that satisfies all users from beginners to professionals. We handle a wide variety of crypto assets including popular altcoins. We also offer an attractive APR Staking service.
We acquire the latest market data in real time and provide rapid crypto asset transactions with high liquidity.
We provide a highly secure environment with 24-hour monitoring security, cold wallet storage to protect assets, and prevention of unauthorized login using a two-step verification system.
We provide a stable system of 99.9% and higher up-time. Trading can be conducted consistently even if large price fluctuations occur.

Bull To The Moon!

The ultimate exchange for the head runners!


With the industry's top class liquidity, we provide a service allowing you to buy and sell cryptocurrency assets at the best price at that time.



Staking is a service allowing you to increase your assets simply by depositing them without buying or selling crypto assets.



Compatible with various devices, allowing you to trade wherever you are with the device of your choice.



Get the latest market data in real-time. Industry-leading liquidity enables rapid crypto asset transactions.

Company: Ultorex LLC
Address: Rockies,St. Vincent and the Grenadines
CEO: Douglas Pilgrim