BCH (Bitcoin Cash)

Project basic information

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Total Supply:21,000,000
Circulation :17,496,900
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Project Introduction

As the first software to implement Bitcoin Cash, on-chain scaling is Bitcoin ABC’s raison d’être. Bitcoin ABC is committed to increasing the block size limit for Bitcoin Cash. But on-chain scaling involves more than simply changing one number in the software. There are various technical improvements and optimizations that must be carried out so that the system can handle larger blocks safely and efficiently. Bitcoin ABC stands for “Adjustable Blocksize Cap”, and as the name implies, it is easy for any node operator to adjust their block size limit. We are in favor of raising and eventually removing the block size limit. The miners who use our software, however, want an implementation that will work well for the blocks they produce and accept. This means that the best way we can help raise the block size limit that miners choose is by removing software bottlenecks.